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I would like to take a second to thank you and commend you for coming to visit. I also want to say “I am so sorry if you have been struggling with past abortion(s).” Please know that there will be no judgment and absolutely no negative comments, bullying, etc. allowed on this site. They will be deleted and blocked to maintain a healthy environment. This site is to promote HOPE and HEALING to anyone who has been suffering emotionally from past abortions. My name is Michelle Durand and I am the founder of Tears to Treasures. The name came to me in 2001 after I began leading post-abortion recovery groups in the Houston, TX area. I had suffered silently for over 20+ years from my own abortion experience. You can watch my videos under Media to hear more about my story. My personal healing experience is what led me to want to become a leader and help others who had no place to go for emotional healing and support. I led groups of 3-6 women and/or married couples who were stuck in their journey towards healing. We would meet for 2 hours once a week for 12 weeks. You can hear more details in this video that was created 7 years ago when we had an office in Louisiana.

We shared many, many TEARS during that time. At commencement, we would honor our aborted babies by having a memorial service. During this service, they would let go of the painful memories associated with their experiences and honor their babies in their own special way. I would witness the twinkle in their eyes and the smiles of joy on their face afterwards. They finally had found closure. The tears of grief and sorrow were replaced with beautiful memories and TREASURES in their hearts! Hence, the name Tears TO Treasures.